What is the golfing term?

An ace, commonly known as a hole in one, is the best score there is. When you get an ace, that means you can write a “1” on the scorecard. While they rarely occur, they generally occur in pair 3, but they can also occur in pair 4.Direction: The final position taken by a golfer just before the swing. It only takes an afternoon at the golf course or a few hours at the bar to learn that golfers have their own terminology.

From common golf terms like “par”, “birdie” and “mulligan”, to uncommon golf terms like “line”, “break” and “dogleg”, having a diverse golf vocabulary may not make you a better golfer, but it's sure to make you sound like one. To help you expand your golf jargon, the 18Birdies team put together a list of golf terms and definitions for beginners and intermediates that will help you deliver the speech in no time. Sometimes golfers get too generous with gimmies and start counting putts of 3 feet or more to be a gimme. You might also hear the abbreviation “trip” if a golfer doesn't mean this score in its entirety.

A bunker, as established by the rules of golf, is a hazard in which a player must not ground his club before hitting the ball. Handicap: The rating of amateur players based on the average of their scores, which is the record for each round of golf. Provide: the distance a golf ball must travel from the impact (the moment the ball leaves the club's face) to the point where it first hits the ground. Link golf courses can also have a deep roughness known as fescue, which is almost impossible to remove.

Full game: When a group or player passes ahead of a group of slower golfers who play on the same hole or in the front hole. Some golf courses also have two different types of roughness, known as intermediate rough and deep rough. Golfers are often kind to others and choose to reward Mulligans (usually on the first starting stroke) without taking penalties. Tee: usually a wooden peg into which the golf ball is placed to hit at the beginning of any given golf hole.

Professional A professional is a golfer or a person who plays or teaches golf in exchange for a financial reward, can work as a touring professional in professional competitions or as a professional teacher (also called a club professional). For most golfers, there is an almost direct correlation with hitting more streets and throwing lower rounds. Making sandbags: When a golfer claims that they have a handicap that is much higher than their actual playing ability.

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