What golf ball gives best distance?

Best distance golf balls Rixon distance golf ball. Best for face speed. Choosing a long-distance golf ball should depend on your skill level, your handicap digit, swing speed, and more. The tour-level ball, like the Pro V1x, may be the best for elite players, but it may not be suitable for newbies.

In addition, the ionomer is the preferred cover for distance balls, making them more affordable than premium urethane products. On fine shots, the Vice Tour golf balls felt a little less forgiving, especially in off-center shots, than most of the balls on this list. The soft ionomer cover optimizes control and feel around the greens, while the 342LDP high-lift dimple pattern minimizes drag during golf ball flight for greater distance. So, if you're new to the game, you lose a lot of balls, or you just don't want to always put long irons on every par-4 green, one of these could be the perfect model for you.

A 350-octahedral dimple design produces a high and consistent flight path that allows golfers to maximize distance on starting shots and stop the ball more quickly on approach shots. The most significant difference that can increase the distance of Pro V1x balls is their construction. With aerodynamically adjusted dimples, this golf ball crosses the wind, keeping the ball in the desired line and adding distance to your game. We definitely don't recommend choosing a golf ball just because of its dimples, but it's worth knowing what its purpose is.

The compression ratio of this ball is 102, so a roll speed of around 100 mph is recommended for use. The NaZ+ cover will never fool you into thinking you're playing with a urethane ball, and it's not a ball you can expect to stop especially quickly, but it feels playable on the greens and is impressively durable. The Velocity Distance Tour isn't as popular as other balls on this page, but it's still very well received. In addition, its 342-dimple aerodynamic design combats resistance and promotes a long-distance flying ball.

Even if you're a pro or a beginner, almost all you want is to buy more yards on the courses, and a good golf ball can go a long way. Because these golf balls lack high compression, they wouldn't be ideal for players with higher than average swing speeds (over 95 MPH). This 2-piece ball has a soft feel and provides a flight path in the middle of the ball, and offers maximum wedge rotation for greater control of the short game. The Velocity engine is located in its LSX Core, which is used to make the ball explode at the speed of impact.

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