What clubs should the average golfer carry?

You can choose any combination of clubs you want. There are no rules that indicate which clubs you should have in a set of 14 clubs. While 14 clubs is the maximum, you can carry as many as you want. If you're like me, it might be better to get rid of a pair of sticks that you never use in favor of another wedge with a different rebound angle or an iron mixer for shots from hard dirt and desert rocks.

The two must-have golf clubs for a golfer are a rider and a putter. Of course, it's up to the golfer that those clubs fit their needs and specifications, but every average golfer needs a driver and a putter. Do you want to take all the drivers? You can. Do you need more than one putter? Go for it.

According to the rules of golf, you are free to organize your game in any way you see fit, as long as the total does not exceed fourteen. Of course, an experienced golfer would never play with all the drivers or with more than one putter. Most players tend to use some kind of variation of the standard set of clubs, including a putter, an iron set, and a pilot. In fact, if you look in a golfer's bag, you'll probably find a fairly traditional outfit.

But is using a traditional set the best thing for you and your golf game? Hollow and lob wedges will increase the player's options on the field. The best golfers usually change their set from week to week or even between rounds, to continue challenging their golf game and work on their weaknesses. Here's What Can Really Help You Become a Better Golfer. Continue to work in certain areas where you're struggling.

Of course, continue to take advantage of your strengths as well. Over time, you'll discover that you can play like a solid golfer. For medium to high handicap golfers, it is not recommended to carry an iron of 2 in the bag. An iron of 2 is the hardest stick to hit and that's why you would do much better with a 5 woods or a hybrid of 3.While the PGA rule is very specific, you can't have more than 14 golf clubs in your golf bag at a time.

I didn't say it was necessarily right or wrong, I said it was common and that it was undoubtedly the same or at least very similar to the sets that most golfers wear. Customizing your clubs is more for the serious golfer who wants to improve their game and excel at golf. If you're not sure which clubs work best for you, don't hesitate to talk to other players on the course and find out what they have to say about which is the best rangefinder for golf, which club works best for your short game and whether or not hybrids are worth the higher price. Beginners often wonder if trying a new type of club can help or hinder their golf game, and what types of clubs are allowed on the course.

Golfers who decide to add some hybrids to their configuration often do so to replace long irons. Your golf skills, including your weaknesses and strengths, are what should determine the type of clubs you carry. As long as you only have 14 sticks in your bag, you have a lot of freedom as to which sticks you can carry. Ultimately, you may have to experiment a bit with each club style to determine which type works best for you and your golf game.

We've broken down the hybrids and recommend the best for women, beginners, and high-handicap golfers, along with the best for senior golfers. On the other hand, the street club is designed to help you get longer shots and get closer to the green when you still have a certain distance to go. And replacing them with duplicate clubs can be an advantage (hey, Phil Mickelson won the 2006 Masters with two drivers), but it can also be a perverse attack on the mental capacity to trust your team, especially with drivers and putters. .

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