What is the best golf ball for a mid to high handicapper?

The Callaway Supersoft ball is another excellent choice for medium and high handicap players looking for a soft feel to the touch. It has been an extremely popular golf ball for many years, its low compression ratio of 38 allows golfers with slower swing speeds to compress the ball and generate a high ball speed. If you prefer a urethane ball and want to play on a tight budget, Kirkland Signatures but with a little more money, the Taylormade Tour Response are the best in the 10 handicap category. If you want to play Surlyn ball and you care about durability and want more shooting, the best ball is the Srixon Soft Feel and the Callaway Super Soft.

The Japanese brand Honma is in the super-premium part of the club market. But their new A1 is one of the best golf balls for people with high handicaps because it's an economical option. It's fair to say that we were pleasantly surprised at how well this ball worked at such a low price. It's easily one of the best value golf balls you'll find on the market.

The ball has been designed to reduce lateral movement and potentially neutralize the severity of the slices a bit and our tests seem to suggest that it worked. Cutting the tee, a common problem that can affect the best of us, went quite unnoticed, so the A1 ball will definitely help golfers who are struggling to find distance. By linking to the previous point, many older models will also rotate less, helping destructive shooting to do less. For example, the Bridgestone E12 Contact helps reduce lateral tilt, meaning it won't curve as much after a cut.

That could mean losing fewer balls and being lower down the golf hole. Our three main options are the Bridgestone e6, the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Srixon Z Star. Each of these golf balls helps the player with a medium handicap achieve a higher throw, an improved feel and an easy turn on the green side. For example, some want as much distance as possible and others want a smoother feel, so the best golf balls for these players will be different.

At this stage in your golf journey, your handicap and skills suggest that you need to keep the ball in play. The velocity of the ball in the Velocity is much higher than that of other Titleist balls, and it also has a very high iron throw. The 4CE is similar to the ionomer polymer and is designed with a thinner design to help the ball sit outside the club's face. But does it work? I played this ball for a few rounds and I can confirm that the feeling is incredibly soft on the face of the wedge and the putter.

Given how long it's been around, it's undoubtedly one of Srixon's best golf balls (opens in a new tab) and the new generation is continuing that. This added softness is the factor that most contributes to spinning around the greens and the Soft Feel is one of the best two-piece balls to hold the greens. Titleist golf balls are made for low handicap players and beginners, and there are plenty of options to choose from. We haven't seen many medium handicap players disappointed with the experience they've had with the Bridgestone golf ball.

They work to help these golfers gain much more distance and forgiveness through their golf ball technology. The Velocity ball itself works like a spring system, transferring your speed to yards faster without sacrificing ball control.

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