What is a golfing term?

Let's start simply with the golf terms “par “, birdie and “bogey”. These three golf terms refer to scoring. One of the best golf terms out there, “albatross” refers to when a player uses three fewer strokes on a hole than the par on that hole. Often, a golfer suggests or gives permission to his playing partner to take a mulligan, but other times the golfer chooses to take a mulligan without consulting his fellow players.

Slope Rating The slope rating is a number, from 55 to 155, used to determine the difficulty level of a golf course for a ghost golfer. Making sandbags: When a golfer claims that they have a handicap that is much higher than their actual playing ability. Therefore, a person with a handicap of 15 is expected to score 87 on a par 72 medium difficulty golf course. Sometimes golfers get too generous with gimmies and start counting putts of 3 feet or more to be a gimme.

Professional A professional is a golfer or a person who plays or teaches golf in exchange for a financial reward, can work as a touring professional in professional competitions or as a professional teacher (also called a club professional). Course Rating The course rating is a numerical value given to each set of tees on a particular golf course to approximate the number of strokes a scratch golfer must need to complete the course. Dimples, by reducing resistance, allow a golf ball to remain in the air for a longer flight than would be possible with a soft ball. Instead of starting off on a bad note, casual golfers sometimes “take a mulligan” and replay their first shot with a new ball, not counting the original bad shot.

Do either and you'll have three points below par on a single hole (and you'll earn the right to show off golf to your friends forever). Basic golf etiquette requires that you wait until the golfers in front of you are completely out of the way before shooting your shot so you don't hit them with your golf ball. It's simply an alternative golf term for “hole in one”, which is when a player only needs one shot to get their ball into the hole. Link golf generally requires golfers to play their balls on a lower trajectory, using the ground to their advantage.

It won't make you a golf expert, but if you spend a little time learning the following golf terms, you'll save yourself any red-faced moments during your first trip to the golf courses (see definition below).

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