Can you play golf after hernia?

Light exercise, such as playing golf or swimming, is OK. You'll usually be able to resume normal vigorous exercise and heavy lifting in 4 to 6 weeks. Does it mean that our world of golf is closed, the moment we find out we have a hernia? Can I continue to play golf with a hernia? It depends. If the hernia doesn't affect your golf and doesn't cause you pain, you can run, be active and play sports as before, and you don't feel discomfort, it is available for you to continue playing golf with caution.

Keep in mind that you play with caution and without sudden movements. In general, the best and safest way for us is to repair it in the shortest possible time and then play golf 3 weeks after hernia surgery. Gareth Bale, who was once the most expensive soccer player in the world, recently won approval from his golf-themed venue. This summer, he returned to the game starting with a round of mini-golf with his daughters (left to right) Riley and Kalynn Pfullmann and Morgan Wyner.

Bale can still be found in the photos of the different reporters, swinging his club generously on golf courses. An avid golfer since his teens, James Wyner took a year off from the sport to prevent his hernia from getting worse. Golf is, without a doubt, an incredible sporting activity that a good number of people around the world like to enjoy. What players have to do is slowly swing their exquisite golf club, leaving spectators an elegant back.

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