Is the word golfing correct?

Golf is the activity of playing golf. You can play tennis or play golf. I was going to post a thread on this very topic. Yes, playing golf is a word, it is the action of playing golf.

A lot of times people who don't know much about golf use the word golf, like on Craigslist, you'll see posts like men's golf shoes or used golf balls, it really bothers me when people do that. McIlroy says he is irritated when someone uses golf as a verb instead of a noun. Whether it's in the dictionary or not, so are many other words that have become acceptable over the years. I'm sure some grammarian will try to rationalize my prejudices against golf like the proverbial chicken in a junebug.

Once again, the grammar of all court orders on these pages is suspended when it comes to golf and is a more proven use. When I think of playing golf, I think of the guy who walks into the professional store with his clubs over his shoulder wearing a felt hat, Sketchers and Ron Jon shorts or tight jeans, designer sunglasses, a tattered vintage-looking polo shirt and carrying his bag upside down full of his grandfather's clubs that he took out of the garage.

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