Wondering which golf GPS system is the best? Thinking of buying one and don’t know which one it should be? There are many makes and models on the market today, and so making that decision is not an easy one. But for me the uPro golf GPS by Callaway is without doubt the most sophisticated and best golf GPS on the market.

But there truly is a lot to really answering that question. For instance, how much can you afford to pay? What features do you really need? And the list could go on because to each person there are different things that ready matter to them while other features aren’t so important.

That is why I’m just going to talk about the uPro golf GPS and let you make up your mind for yourself.

The first thing you should do is write down exactly what you are looking for in the way of features. Once you have figured out that information things may start to become a little clearer. For instance you may not want a built in score card or because you play the same couple of courses all the time the flyover views are not that important. The thing is if your anything like me features that don’t seem to be important before I buy a new electronic gadget somehow become a whole lot more important once I get using it. So don’t sell yourself short here. Dream big but within your budget.

The next question is probably how much money do you want to spend to get a fully functioning golf GPS unit that meets all your requirements? Now be real here I know I’d like everything for free too but it just isn’t going to happen unless someone is buying it for you and then well you should be happy with whatever you get.  For me it is always I want the best deal. That means I get the most features I can buy for the least amount of money.

As you look at the different units part of the decision is going to need to be based on how much you are prepared to spend add-ons like download fees or upgrades?

When it comes to the uPro golf GPS, you need to know it is a whole lot more most of the other units on the market. That makes it the best value to me. It can actually tell you how far you are from a hazard or the green and can show you a flyover view of the complete hole. You can also use it to help you plan your next shot.

It gives distances between different points on the course or you ball and the tee. It gives various views of and information on thousands of courses. If you wish to improve your ability to manage your golf game by giving you information and views of the terrain and hazards and the best line on a particular hole and so much more.

Finally the uPro golf GPS sells for around the $ 300. Now to some that may be a lot of money but from my perspective to even a casual golfer it is worth it. To me it is actually the best golf GPS on the market.

Dave McIntosh has enjoyed golfing for years. If you are looking for more great information on the uPro Golf GPS, visit Callaway GPS .

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