The first person:

1) Visit your local teaching Professional who can advise you on equipment(such as Callaway FT Irons Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver and so on) 

2) Find a local driving range or playind field hit ball after ball

3) Read any teaching books by Ben Hogan ( he was the master all the modern pros copied him )

4) Technology: Creates maximum perimeter weighting and more discretionary weight by combining a carbon composite body with the titanium face cup, allowing for precise positioning of the CG (center of gravity) to generate the straightest drives possible .Improved Complete Inertial.

5) Design: Positions discretionary weight deeper and to the extreme corners, raising the MOI for unparalleled forgiveness 

By the way – golf it helps if you have some hand to eye co-ordination ie if you are no good at ball games now you may not become a great player

You need the power of baseball and cricket – the touch and feel of a badminton player  –  the reading of a crown green bowler and the patience determination pyschology of a chess player.

The second one:

And know your limitations – hit the shot you ‘know’ you can hit not the one you ‘hope’ you can hit.  Also, take your medicine.  If your tee shot lands in the rough 230 yards from the green don’t try and shape a 3W around a tree to hit a heavily guarded green! Chip out to the centre of the fairway and go again.  That’s what your handicap is for after all.

The last one:

Ask the pro at your local club; he’ll tell you.  He’ll also let you pay him to coach you in how to get it and, unless your name is Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods, you will spend the rest of your life and zillions of euros trying to get it – just like every other golfer on this planet.

Hope these advises can help more golf beginners. 


I’m a golf beginner.