In this article I shall concentrate on passing on a few very handy golfing tips to improve your swing.

Get more distance by passing the pole

You must make use of a proper weight shift if you desire maximum consistency and distance. There is a pole planted into the ground and the ball is resting on it at its address. Now you have to place your left shoulder just behind the ball without even a slight sway of the hips.

When you are in a position like this, it is considered as ideal for initiating the downswing. When you do the follow through, the right shoulder of yours has to shift past the imaginary pole and the golf ball. If you are able to do all these properly, you can perform weight shifts and good turns equally well.

You must remember the practice area

Do you know the importance of the practice area? Any pro golfer who wishes to win the tournament will check out the practice area before moving on to the first tee. Surely, I don’t need to repeat that you too should do the same if you have an iota of seriousness in you. Now don’t start worrying how you strike the ball in the practice area.

Rather use the practice area to loosen your muscles and for warming up your body. Then when you become ready to hit, you have to start off with a wedge. Then slowly you have to work your way down till you reach the driver. Again, when you finish off, you have to use a few wedges again.

You may feel all these are unnecessary but do you know, these promote a good feel and tempo, they can prevent you from getting injured and you can strike the ball with perfection as well?

How to get hold of an improved swing stance?

When you start to widen your stance further and further as many other amateur golfers do, it increases stability on the one hand and on the other hand generates a lateral movement which can result in an involuntary swing. You can acquire an improved swing stance by doing the barrel drill.

You have to start off with an approximate stance that must be shoulder width apart. Then you have to swing the club in such a manner that if there were two poles planted on each side of you just beside your shoes, you would never touch the poles. For this you need to do a full turn. Then you have to envisage yourself swinging in a barrel and this will ensure low scores.

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