The Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x golf balls have been known to be the best and most trusted ball in golf and this doesn’t happen without reason.  Since Titleist announced the debut of the Pro V1 over ten years ago, it has become a golf sensation and the definitive ball of choice for professionals and amateurs.  The Titleist Pro V1 is commonly known as the ball that turned golf upside down.  This was said because of its superb distance, awesome feel and shot feedback through the shaft to the player, and also its superb spin with wedges and irons which Titleist calls “drop-and-stop green side control”.  It truly is remarkable that Titleist can incorporate so many benefits into one ball especially since years ago the golfer can usually only find one ball with one of these characteristics.

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is manufactured using three pieces; hence why it is called a “three-piece” ball.  Titleist achieved a super soft, but very durable compound for the cover which is made from urethane elastomer.  The inner cores of the ball are specially formulated and designed to give the best feedback with feel and of course the best distance without compromising feel.  The covers dimple patters are tetrahedral patterned which give the ball outstanding trajectory control and also extremely high capabilities of cutting through wind.  With all of these great characteristics, no wonder why it is considered the number one ball on the professional tours, both the PGA Tour and European Tour.

Titleist offers a very popular variation of the Titleist Pro V1 called the Pro V1x.  The Titleist Pro V1x was designed for a golfer who actually wants to lessen the spin from their shots.  An example for why a player would benefit from this is if they are slicing or hooking the ball, the spin on a ball contributes to how far out of the fairway the ball is going to miss, whether it’s right or left.  So in other words, if the ball is spinning more, that means that the ball will go even farther away from the target on miss-hit shots.  To eliminate this from happening to some degree, the Titleist Pro V1x does not spin as much, ultimately providing the golfer with better control.  It does have its downside though, the feel isn’t as soft as the original Pro V1 and since the spin rate isn’t as high the ball won’t hold the green as much as the Pro V1 will

Titleist continues to make improvements to the Pro V1 line of golf balls, making them more durable, longer, spin better and provide better feedback through feel.  As long as they continue to make a sensational ball for the game of golf, they will continue to be the leader when it comes to choosing the best ball for any player’s game.

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