Most casual golfers keep their golf bag in the garage until they get the call from a friend to go play a round. Their expectations on how well they will play or normally pretty low and they have decided that they are just going out to swing the sticks and enjoy the day. Then when the round is over and their score is even worse than they had anticipated, they wonder why they didn’t perform better.


The answer is usually pretty simple – because they didn’t practice. The best way to improve one’s golf game is to spend some time to choose. It doesn’t even have to be frequent visits or long practice sessions. Just going out to the range and working on basic swing techniques should allow the golfer to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Also, golfers should go to the driving range with the mindset that they are going there to practice and should take the session seriously. There are so many golf driving ranges that have sprung up all over that it is hard not to find one in America within ten miles of your home.


Many are owned and operated by golf professionals and have instructors available on-site for private lessons. It is also relatively inexpensive to go practice with taylor made r11 irons at the range, where a bucket of practice balls normally range in price between $ 2.00 and $ 5.00. Most golf courses have golf driving ranges on site to allow a golfer to warm up and practice before playing a round on the course. When you go to the range, it is recommended that you limber up with some exercises before swinging at balls. Once you are loose, you should start by hitting some pitch shots and work your way up to the longer taylormade r9 supertri driver. Usually about ten shots per club will give an adequate amount of practice while accounting for the number of balls in the bucket. Most golf driving ranges have yardage markers and flags scattered throughout the landing area, so it is a good idea to try to use them as targets when aligning your body and making your swing.


Many golf driving ranges also have a snack bar to grabs some food or a cool beverage. Some ranges even have a pro shop where you can purchase golf equipment and accessories. A good range will also have practice bunkers for sand shots and a pitch and putting green to work on those aspects of the game.