Be it an amateur golfer or a nationally recognized professional golfer, the craze for exclusive golf polo shirts can never go out of vogue. For a passionate golfer, the things and objects related to his favorite game always remain in top priority. When it comes to polo shirts, then the immense significance of these shirts becomes clearly apparent as the buyer turns very particular about it. A funky golf shirt personalized with the logo of your course or any particular club you are currently playing for can be a great idea for any golf-lover. So here are some tips which may help you choose the best golf shirts and other accessories.

1) Nowadays, most of the golf polo shirts are designed for summer seasons. So keep in mind that your golf shirts must have the quality to maintain the moisture and absorb the disturbing sweat from your body. The fabric of the shirt contributes a lot to determine such comfort factors. Choosing 100% cotton is always advisable as natural fibers do not irritate your skin and let it breathe.

2)  Now, if you are planning to enjoy your winter golf courses, then you must go for thick materials over cotton. Long sleeve funky golf shirts can be the best option as these shirts will keep you warm even in the chilly winter breeze without compromising with the style factor. While picking your winter golf apparels, go a little colorful and select those shirts with vibrant colors.

3) The logo or message of your golf polo shirts should be overtly large. While you are sporting a mono-color shirt, the style and design of the logo along with the color plays a very crucial role in giving final touch to your overall attire. If your shirt and its logo set a loud contrast, then better avoid it. Also make sure that the logo is perfectly designed. Even the slightest change in a logo can demeanor the repute of the club. The right location of your shirt’s logo should also be kept in consideration.

4) If possible then go for a trial round. Most of the garment companies let the customers trail the apparel before buying it. Trialing a cloth does not mean only wear it and appreciate yourself in front of the mirror. But it should be done to ensure that the fitting and the size are perfect as well as it looks good on you. May be you find a funky golf shirt but it does not go well with your look.

5) For the last time before going to the cash counter, check the material, color, size, washing instruction, color warranty, fitting and removable parts (if any) of the golf polo shirts you will be buying. Once you are done with this final checking, go for the payment. Some funky golf apparel selling companies also offer personalize services i.e. you can personalize your golf clothing with any exclusive photos, message or logos. Add a different touch to your golf apparel by exploring your creative self!

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