Golf carts are the best companion for a golfer who can enjoy the game the whole day without being tired of carrying the golf equipments and walking all across the course. Golf carts are not a rare thing that you can find in the golf course. The usefulness of golf carts has increased its demand over the last few years. And today you can add several amazing accessories to your cart just like you accessorize your car. Both luxury and safety features are now available to choose from. Other than wasting a big amount in adding many luxury features to your cart, installing safety features would be more recommended. Among so many safety features, windshields are the popular ones being added by all. Windshields are highly helpful feature that safeguards the passenger from unfavorable weather conditions like rain, snow and sun’s hot rays. They can also keep you away from bugs and other elements while driving. While guarding the passengers, a windshield tends to protect the inner part of your cart from harsh weather conditions also.

If you are planning to buy good windshields for your favorite golf cart, then you have the opportunity to choose from several designs, colors and types of windshield that suit your cart. You can also make choice from a variety of materials they are made with. We will provide with some tips for choosing the best windshield suited for your cart. When considering the designs of the windshield, there comes both split and solid designs to choose from. While the sold windshield designs have a single piece only, the split designs come with two pieces that can be folded down. Folded windshields are popular these days. Windshields can also be chosen according to the types of material that it is manufactured from. A polycarbonate windshield is more preferred owing to its durable property while acrylic windshields are easily susceptible to cracking and breaking.

Different colors of windshields are also available that ranges from light to dark tints. You can also choose from the transparent, see-through designs. They also differ in the way they are mount, either portable or permanent.


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