The Simple Golf Swing reduces golf scores significantly better than going to a teaching pro”

–John Lynch No1GolfBookReviews

Dear Golfer,

The Simple Golf Swing golf training system was created by David Nevogt who claims has helped over 25,000 golfers around the world significantly improve their golf swing and lower their scores.

These golfers range from scratch players looking to take their game to the next level to high handicappers looking for some serious improvement.

When I first started using the golf drills outlined in The Simple Golf Swing my swing felt really uncomfortable. I then began to feel VERY skeptical this was gonna do my golf swing any good.

Wanting to give SGS a fair shake, I kept on doing the golf drills…

The more I practiced The Simple Golf Swing’s – Revolutionary Setup, the more I began to feel the tremendous coil being created in my backswing, this was that uncomfortable feeling I was experiencing. The truth is before SGS there was a lotta sway in my backswing robbing me of precious distance and accurate golf shots.

After about 45 minutes of practicing the SGS drills at home, I was ready to take my swing to the range.

What did I find?…

I started hitting balls with my mid irons and the ball was really exploding off the club face. And better yet, the golf ball was going 20 yards further…AND my ball flight had a much more boring trajectory.

Ok, so now I’m getting pretty excited…

I then went to my driver, OMG, now I’m hitting the ball at least 30 yards longer!

I couldn’t believe that turning correctly around my stable spine could make such a huge difference in how much longer and straighter I’m now hitting the ball. That sway I had in my backswing was really robbing me of distance off the tee.

Not only that, I am now attacking the ball from the inside where before I had an outside-in-swing causing me to slice the ball wickedly.

The Simple Golf Swing is the real deal, no wonder it’s the No.1 selling golf instruction system online!

Play well.

John Lynch

John Lynch is owner of No. 1 Golf Book Reviews and has reviewed hundreds of golf instructional products. To read expert reviews on the top golf training aids, John recommends you visit: MedicusDriverReviews

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