When you decide to replace the old golf clubs,you should realize what you need.Different clubs have different performance,as far as I know,there have many kinds of golf clubs,so thinking over is necessary.

Fairway wood pursues a high trajectory, either on stage or in the offensive in the tee, when green; high-trajectory will lead to more accurate placement. If you encounter against the wind, you can change the swing with the wind break easily hit the golf ball. Some manufacturers now market the product to meet the golf ball from the friends of the blind pursuit of the ball fairway wood design of the low take-off trajectory, it is not practical, to buy time to try to avoid these products.

Fairway woods have numbers, different numbers corresponding to different face angles. A 3-wood, the angle is 15 degrees, up to 15.5 degrees. 13 degrees is called 3 (actually should be called the 2 wood, manufacturers can not sell fear, they still call 3). When select fairway wood, you can not serve as the choice to buy wood as it hit the furthest one, but you should consider how Fairway Woods and other golf clubs from the valid link up.

If you hit the golf ball at its club it turns out to be a solid hit. This is one of the many important golf tips you should know. But this speed comes from more than one part of golf swing. First, a faster golf swing starts with the appropriate grip. Both hands need to work together. The thumb and forefingers of both hands should position toward the back shoulder so that it makes a perfect v-shape. Then grasp the club evenly like a little bird in your hands. This is another great golf tips which you can get from a good golf player. Next, you have to expand the arms through the impact space to feel that the club head strikes the ball and arms should be completely extended upon impact. These are among the best golf tips which you can
get from the game.

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