A good friend said to me last week “Show me a proper golf swing!”. Well, as you know the proper golf swing sequence is the most important part of your golfing. You can slice the ball and did not even know what was wrong with your swing. Maybe the only player who has the perfect golf swing is Tiger Woods. But even this legend is slicing and shooting a poor distance.

The right sequence starts with a good mental fitness. Stay focused with the eyes on the ball. Now you can start the takeaway and simulate the swing a few times. Visualize the movements and go through it step by step.

The next step is to take the club to the ball and start with the back swing. A basic rule is here not to speed up your rotation. A slower backswing is always better. 

Now we go on to the downswing. Here you have to speed up and hit the ball with power and the best golf swing technique for a good length.This is the simple golf swing sequence in a very easy explanation. You have to have the optimal stance, grip and swing correctly to better your game.

The stance is vital, your feet should be as wide as you shoulders. The right foot aligned to the ball and the left foot slightly to the left. Keep your eyes on the ball to avoid slicing.

A proper stance is crucial. If your movements are not optimal you will not be able to maximize speed and distance. 

If you implement these basic rules into your training routine you will see results very quick. Golf is a time consuming game and you have to practice a lot. The more you do the more you get. Go to the range and shot the ball a few times and practice your sequence. Take a look at golf guides and videos to see how to do it right.

Next you want to know the best golf grip and golf swing sequence to better your game and lower your score.  

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