Many people get golf instruction from the pros coach or golf classes, and few of them will try the golf instructional videos. The golf instructional videos, as a teaching aid, have become more and more popular by the golf players, especially for those who cannot afford the golf coach fees. The videos provide more advantages than the other instruction methods don’t. Here in the following paragraphs, I would like to share some advantages of golf instruction videos.

At first, the most obvious advantage that the other instructional aids cannot provide is the visual learning of the golf skills. The visual learning often provides us a better unstinting of the game skills. A research also has found that visual and auditory learning are most preferred learning styles exist. In other words, when it comes to learning new information we prefer to use either our eyes or our ears, depending on how our brain works. About 65 percent of us are visual learners. The rest are auditory or both auditory and visual learners. People prefer to see a technique or a specific shot executed, enhancing the learning process. Instructional videos provide an excellent learning experience, given our preference for learning visually. Many of us tend to learn new information faster and retain it longer when the information is taken in through our eyes, making videos highly effective teaching tools. In addition, videos can provide two or three times the amount of information in a visual setting than other methods. One golf video I viewed covered the basics of golf in a little less than an hour. Thus, golfers not only receive information in their preferred learning style but also in greater quantities, reinforced by the latest visual techniques.

Secondly, the golf instruction videos have the unique technological capabilities. For example, the instructional videos can empty the medium’s unique technological capabilities to drive home key points effectively–capabilities that support information presentation. Golf instructional videos use split screens, inserts, close-ups, and computer generated 3-D graphics to teach the game’s fundamentals such as how to grip, aim, and swing the club as well as how to create the proper angles at address and how to take the club back correctly. These techniques also help maintain our interest, especially when combined with other visual aids. There’s nothing more boring in person, on television or during movies than watching a talking head. Human beings crave action, movement, and so on. If we don’t get it, we get bored quickly and turn our attention to other things, lowering the effectiveness of the presentation. Keeping us interested helps us focus on the material being presented. In addition, the capability lets us hone in on details we might have missed the first time around, as well as things that we couldn’t see in print, like rhythm, balance, and timing. Much of our golf game depends on these details and key intangibles, and much depends on our getting a “feel” for what the moderator is talking about and demonstrating.

Next, the technological capability must be singled out for its unique communication capabilities. When a golf coach gives you a class on the golf course, you may feel ashamed to ask the coach explain it again and again if you are confused about a tip. However, the video can help you to solve the problem. Unlike a personal presentation, the instructional video allows the viewer to stop and rewind the tape, either from the beginning or from a certain point in the script. In other words, it lets us replay the tape again and again, helping us learn through repetition. The capability also helps with complicated golf techniques. We can rewind the tape over and over again and watch how a shot was made, imprinting it in our minds. It’s especially helpful with difficult shots. Once we have this visual representation in our minds, making the shot when we face it becomes much easier.

Last, the instruction maybe the one of the cheapest golf aids. It may cost you about one hundred dollars for only one hour tutor in the pros coach class. However, the instructional video may only cost you a fraction of the cost but for much more information. And you can watch them for a lot of time. So the video is a good way to save your money.

In summary, the golf instructional video hasa a lot of advantages. These advantages explain golf instructional videos’ popularity over the last decade or so, and why they are so efficient in communicating information to a golfer. In short, they are cost-effective teaching tools for the average golfer.

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