Practice makes perfect, they say, as well as the much more you exercise your putting, the a whole whole lot better you must turn into at it. One other saying that rings a fact is, “Drive for show and putt for dough”. You may nicely obtain the ego enhance of getting a lengthy hitter, but at the end of the day, it’s all those eighteen greens which you putt on that will possess a bigger direct to your scorecard than all those 10 tee bins which you have been in a location to begin monster drives from.


The key to becoming a better putter is developing a consistent putting stroke that you can rely on every time you reach the green. Putting one of the few shots in golf that should not change significantly based on distance and ball lie. The best part about practicing your putting is that it can be done virtually anywhere, whether it be on the course, on a practice putting green, on a practice turf mat, or even on the carpet. Though the surfaces you practice with best golf clubs on may be different, and may cause the ball to roll differently, there is no replacement for the muscle memory that your body will gain with each practice stroke.


If you watch the pros putt, you will notice that they are perfectly still over the ball, and their heads do not move. A good drill to help you keep still is to lean your head against a wall while you take some putting strokes with TaylorMade Golf Clubs. You should be able to feel your forehead move against the wall if you are not perfectly still. This perpendicular alignment to the wall should also show you if you are taking the putter head on a straight line back and forth. Playing a game called “golf ball bocce” is another good practice drill, and one you can play at home. To play the game with taylormade r11 driver, take out about five or six golf balls, including a colored ball. Putt the colored ball a distance away from you, and then try to hit the colored ball with the other white balls. This is a good drill to gauge speed and distance on flat surfaces, but it gets really fun on practice greens that have undulations that will force you to read the break of the green. Another good drill is called “around the world, and it should be played on a practice green.


Take four golfing balls and place them at identical distances near to the hole (start at three ft away). Putt near to the hole by means of exactly the same exact range until you can sink all 4 balls by means of the numerous factors surrounding the hole.