Considered to be one of the very best swing training aids ever invented, the Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer is used and endorsed by many of the Top Touring Professionals and has already helped thousands of golfers across the world to increase their clubhead speeds and distance off of the tee.

This extremely effective swing trainer was originally conceived to help world long distance champions increase their swing speeds, but has since been re-engineered by a man called Jim Sowerwine, who also invented the award winning ‘Inside Approach Slice Correction Trainer’.

The most effective thing about this redesigned swing speed trainer is that it helps to improve your overall swing, by training you to develop the proper golf swing sequencing and Tour Pro lag that are critical elements to increasing clubhead speed.

Even the greatest golfer ever to play the game ‘Jack Nicklaus’ endorses the Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer and has used it to increase his golf swing speed and distance. By improving your overall golf swing technique you are creating the power and speed through the hitting zone, that are essential for generating those extra few yards.

One of the most common faults amongst amateur golfers happens during the transition from backswing to forward swing. They try to hit the ball too hard from the top of the swing and lose the vital connection between their upper body, arms and hands, rather than allowing the natural rhythm of their swing to produce the power.

This fault is often referred to as casting or throwing, where the clubhead gets ahead of the hands too early in the downswing, which can have devastating consequences, So if you suffer from slicing or hooking the golf ball, then this could very well be part of, if not all of the problem.

The clever design of the Powerchute Golf Swing Trainer forces you into the correct golf swing sequencing positions, especially during the transitional phase. It does this by creating the right amount of shaft and clubhead resistance at every crucial stage of the swing.

Made from a lightweight durable PU coated waterproof nylon cloth, which has stitched edging for extra durability, and black nylon coated steel wire tethers that attach to patented clips, the Powerchute Golf Swing Training Aid will help you to swing on plane, improve your angle of approach, balance, and center faced hits, as well as forcing you to apply the proper swing sequencing for maximum golf driving distance.

If increasing your golf driving distance by developing proper sequencing, faster swing speeds and Tour Pro lag with the Powerchute Swing Trainer sounds like a good plan, then take a moment to visit my  Golf Training Aids review site to find out more information!