Below are eight specific strategies to enhance relationships with Green people. All eight ideas were generated after interviewing thousands of people who possess a Green (NT) temperament.

1. Listen to their ideas

Most people who associate regularly with Greens know that they’re people who live in the world of ideas. Most of the time however, people don’t ask about their ideas for fear of being subject to a complicated, one-sided dissertation. Nevertheless, Greens need to express their ideas in order to validate them and receive essential feedback. To build positive relationships with Greens, take time to listen to their ideas. Don’t be overly aggressive and frequently bombard them with requests for input, just be prepared to listen when they’re prepared to talk.

2. Don’t invade their space

Greens, more than any other personality type, are apt to have a private place where they go to be by themselves. Most of the time, they don’t go to this place to escape from the world, but they go to concentrate on things that are occupying their thoughts. They go to work, to reflect, and to create. Don’t invade this space unless you’re invited. It’s a part of their being and reflects their state of mind.

3. Provide mental challenges

Alfred Hitchcock, the famous Green movie director, once said, “I love a mental challenge. It’s like sex for the brain.” When they’re in the mood, Greens love brainteasers, challenging puzzles, and cerebral games. They like to find fallacies in logic, solve intricate mysteries, and invent new ways to do things. As a friend or a loved one of a Green, provide these kinds of amusing and gratifying mental challenges and you will undoubtedly stimulate your relationship.

4. Think ahead to the future

Greens don’t make decisions quickly. They need time to explore the possible ramifications of their decisions. Greens are frustrated by people who make decisions based on past or present needs without considering the future. While the Golds also keep their eye on the future in order to be prepared for it, Greens keep their eye on the future so their present decisions won’t be proven wrong later–a rather daunting task. So as you work with or live with Greens, remember their need to look ahead to the future and try to do the same thing.

5. Support their need for competence

A Green’s need for competence is extremely real and may be the most powerful influence in his or her life. Don’t discount this need. As they’re going about trying to find flaws in their abilities so they can eliminate them, try to be supportive. Don’t be too quick to point out their flaws or agree with their conclusions; this is their job and they generate more than enough self-criticism to motivate them to improve. Accept their need for competence and perfection and, if necessary, encourage them not to be so hard on themselves.

6. Respect their independence

Greens seek independence and freedom from mental or emotional oppression. Some Greens are extremely introverted and prefer to keep to themselves while others are more extroverted and apt to enjoy social interaction. However, both types are independent and resist outside pressures. They want to control their own destiny. Respect this need for independence and don’t limit their autonomy.

7. Ask for their opinions

This is a quick way to win over a Green. Even if they don’t have an opinion on a subject when you ask for it, they will quickly formulate one. Just remember that an opinion from a Green is something that’s subject to revision. With every new piece of data, the opinion is carefully reviewed and examined under the new light. Green opinions are not created out of passion or instinct–they’re the result of objective thought and critical analysis.

8. Help them with everyday details

Sometimes, Greens are so caught up in the world of ideas that they lose touch with some of the more mundane elements of daily life–like eating and sleeping. Greens that are deeply involved in a project are apt to forget meals, appointments, and commitments. They tune out the world and may need people who are willing to make sure they go out with their clothes on.

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