Some items to constantly work on to perfect your golf swing take some time, hard work and proper practice. When a player does practice, is the player practicing correctly or incorrectly. This is key. Just like our brain, our muscles have memory. Muscle memory is crucial to a golf swing.

What muscle memory does is develop a pattern that more or less is (for a lack of better words) automatic. Many parts of our body are used in the golf swing and if we use those parts with a consistent manner it makes the execution of a perfect golf swing more natural.

For a novice golfer, developing muscle memory is easier to perfect the golf swing then golf hound who has taken upon themselves to improve their own swing. One major reason being, the golf hound, in most cases has developed a poor swing yet it has become comfortable to them.

When asked to change even the smallest aspect in a poor swing, the player now feels something awkward. The muscles are telling the player This is not how we have done this before. It would almost feel as though a stone was in the players shoe without an actual stone. When a novice player is starting, the movements the muscles are making are new not awkward, so their muscles are more compliant.

A good way to perfect your golf swing is to work on balance. There is a outstanding drill where the player at address places both feet together. Nothing different changes. The players grip, alignment and lie remain the same. Only difference is, instead of your feet shoulder width apart, they are now together.

The players knees should be flexed and not bent. At this point nothing to much should be uncomfortable however once you drag that club back low on the take away, the player will feel weight transfer from the center to the right foot. This is correct and the feel should be on the inside of the right foot not the outside.

Other things that should be noticed with this drill that will help perfect your golf swing would once that club is dragged back low, the player should now notice their shoulder and hips are now turned away from the ball. This too is correct.

Once the player has the club at the top, get used to the idea of envisioning the toe of the club pointed down to the ground with a good wrist cock at the top. The player (with feet still together) start your down swing and strike the ball. If the player has had an issue with Manila Gorilla type swings instead of a fluent and controlled swing. This drill will certainly help because if the player swings wildly, they will be off balance and will not be able to strike the ball.

This foot drill is excellent to help perfect your golf swing. It helps with balance and feel, tempo, rotation and ball striking. All these items crucial to a perfect golf swing.

In order to perfect your golf swing, a person must simply practice and do it a lot. The golf swing is a part of the game. It is practice that makes perfect.

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