The Advantages of Nokia N8 in the Field of Video Playing and Camcorder

Nokia N8 has 1200W Carl Zeiss, Xenon flash light, 1.83 inches large photographic original, Super GPU and 720P HD video capture, which can provide a strong guarantee for photographing and camcorder. What’s more, 720P Play, HDMI, Dolby sound and USB OTG, which can provide you with a high-definition player. It seems like that there are no shortcomings with Nokia N8 in the field of video playing and camcorder, but it doesn’t seem like that, as a portable device Nokia N8 also has the common shortcomings like other portable devices in the field of video playing and camcorder, the passage below will show you the main shortcoming of Nokia N8.


The Main Shortcoming of Nokia N8 in the Field of Video Playing and Camcorder

Although Nokia N8 has some gratifying functions and features in the field of video playing and camcorder, but there are still some shortcomings of it, here we will discuss the main shortcoming of this popular mobile phone in the field of video playing and camcorder, which is the limitation of the video format that Nokia N8 can support. As a portable device, Nokia N8 can also not avoid this kind of problem; the formats that Nokia N8n can really support are only MP4, WMV and 3GP. How to solve the problem to make your N8’s HD video exist everywhere is all Nokia N8 fans should concern about. Luckily, here comes Nokia N8 video converter, it can help Nokia N8 fans to solve this kind of problem. However, how to choose a good Nokia N8 video converter is still a problem, the passage below will give you answer.


How to Choose a Good Nokia N8 video Converter

When choosing this kind of video converter, we should concern about these factors carefully, here I will list these factors below:


1. Converting quality: we should choose one which can help us convert video to Nokia N8 without too much video quality loss.

2. Converting speed: We would not like to spend a lot of time to wait for the converting process, it is not worth for us to do it.

3. Whether it is easy to use: We choose a video converter mainly for fun, if we spend a lot of time learning how to use it, I think it is not necessary.

4. Whether it is clean and safe: If our portable devices or our computer are attacked by some unsafe virus or some unsafe factors, which will be a great pity.


These are four main factors that you should concern about when you choose Nokia N8 video converter, if you are still don’t know how to choose the right one, here I can suggest a good one for you, that is Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro, it is just designed foe Nokia series besides Nokia N8, it has a lot of advantages like it is easy to use, it has powerful converting function which will provide you with good video quality in a high speed and it is totally safe, what’s more it also provide rich settings and various extra functions like add special effects on your video.


How to Convert Videos to Nokia with the Nokia Video Converter:

1. Download and install the software > 2. Click “Add” to import videos > 3. Select output format in “Profile” setting > 4. Click “Start” to begin converting process > 5. Open output profile to get the output video.

Enjoy the videos freely on Nokia N8 after converting video with Nokia Video Converter.

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