There are many useful features of the explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys that make it outstanding from other trolleys. The design of the wheels is very good for running the trolleys on the hilly courses. Wheels are very stable and work effectively for a longer period of time. The capacity of the batteries is very high and it is corrosion resistant. The battery can work efficiently in high as well as low temperatures. There are smoothed plate corners that are very helpful for minimizing the chances of short circuit.

The explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys has an advanced T shaped handle bar. Another advantageous feature of the explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys is that it has a remote control that follows the instructions given to it. It can perform variety of functions like moving backward, forward and can control speed as well. The trolley can be turned in any direction or can be stopped with the help of remote control instantly. The explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys have anodised aluminium frames that are very good for protecting the parts made up of aluminium. It makes the surface harder and reduces the weight as well.

There are separate control motors that supply power to the wheels thus making it possible to have a smooth ride. The front wheel is manufactured in a way that it facilitates fast ride. The explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys have disguised antennas and the powers of the batteries are displayed on a screen. It can be folded and unfolded in a short duration of time. For additional permanence there is removable anti tip wheel and two heavy motors. An aluminium case is present to lower the noise and to protect the trolleys from collision. The maximum speed of the remote control golf trolleys is 3.72 mph and the maximum capacity of load is 20 kg. It has 25 degrees climbing capacity and the wheels are puncture proof. There is a bag retainer at the top that is very safe location to place the bag there.

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