It is a fact that use of a trolley for carting clubs can save your muscle power for hitting shots. Long time ago golfers used to carry buggy for carting clubs but now days children and middle aged players prefer modern energy saving options like Push Golf trolleys.

Following is the description about the types and features of Push Golf Trolleys which will help you to choose one to assist your game:

Push or pull trolleys are widely preferred by people as they are a good alternative to electric trolleys and they are economical and lighter as well, due to their size and space a normal sized golf bag can be easily fitted into the front side of the trolley. Such trolleys are designed in a way that they can be easily pulled and pushed with the help of wheels.

While choosing a push golf trolley always opt for a strong but light weighted trolley, it should be hard wearing but on the other hand it should be light enough so that you can easily lift in and out of your car or locker. Look for a trolley that is made up of light weight aluminum as it is extremely weight free. Always purchase a push trolley after checking and learning about folding option, make sure that the wheels can be easily removed for easy storage. It should be accommodating your carts and bags, must be fulfilling your all the requirements.

Manufacturers of Push Golf Trolleys pay a great attention for the design of traction; it also features small ball bearing wheels by which rolling friction is reduced. This type of trolley shows its importance due to multi-functioned system of storage which includes umbrella holder, score card holder, two ball holders which can be used to keep spare balls in case of lost balls, rain protective pens and pencils holders etc. Push golf trolleys are built up of stainless steel with tri paint system; they also feature a grip handle which can be adjusted according to height. For safety assurance a foot operated brake system is provided so that trolley can be controlled on inclines and declines.

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