Every golf cart owners would like to have golf cart heaters as an important accessory for their cart. The heaters can be used for giving comfort on a late evening or in a chilly morning and it is becoming a must for every golf players. The use of these devices is more permanent in the icy cold winter months. There are different types of cart heaters available in the market. Normally, the small and mid-sized heaters run on propane, but the larger expensive type of heaters uses electrical circuit available on the cart. The primary purpose of a golf cart heater is to give warmth in a cold weather. You have to consider different things before buying heater for your carts. The important factors are BTUs, Mount and type.

The first things you have to consider when buying a golf cart heater is the way it is mounted. They can be mounted into the cup holder or the dashboard of the carts. If you’re considering mounting the heater into the cup holder, then the compatibility should be taken into consideration. There are some types of heaters that will not fit with all types of carts. Another thing that is to be taken into consideration is the heat output. Heat output normally measured in BTUs. BTU stands for British thermal units. Normally heaters produce about 3000 Btu’s. Such a hater can be used for increasing the heat up to 25°F. If the cart is not an enclosed type one, then you may need a powerful heater. There are some models that can produce temperature up to 10,000 Btu’s.

The control that is provided with the golf cart heaters is also important. It should be provided with controls that can adjust from low to high. It should also have the controls that are easily accessible. The type of golf cart heater is also important. It can be propane or electric. The propane heaters can provide warmth up to 7 hours and it is more compact than an electric heater. These heaters use the fuel that is stored in a pressurized tank. And in the case of electric heater, it will be attached with the carts motor.


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