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Sadie Ahmad | Gold Pro Strategies

Sadie Ahmad

Well hello, I’m a blogger. This is not my day job. It’s just something that I really like to do when the occasion arises and on any evening after dinner or dinner time .I like to play with food and make recipes that are pretty easy to put together, but interesting. and new. I love trying out new recipes and cooking with my family and friends, who are very supportive of what I do. .My name is Jolie and I’m a mom of 3 kids.

My oldest just started college this year and what I love most about blogging is bringing some of the things that are in our home to other people who want to cook at home too. I love talking about what we cook, seeing how others prepare meals and sharing photos along the way. .Hi Jolie, welcome to my blog! I read your profile and see that you’re a mom of 3 kids. What is your youngest age? What do they enjoy doing? My youngest son is 3 years old, my oldest one just graduated from high school and will be starting college soon and the middle one is 12 years old.

I write online from the comfort of my own home to help people lead better lives. These non-fiction, educational articles went on to become one of the largest blogs in the world. I also like escaping outside on a family hike or run.

Jarred Branson | Golf Pro Strategies

Jarred Branson

I am a children’s book author and illustrator. I have written a few books for young readers. I also enjoy reading and going outside.

I’m not a librarian, but I play one on the Internet. With this blog, I hope to share my experiences with libraries and librarianship. I want to help people understand what librarians do and how they can help both individuals and organizations. Topics will include book reviews, life as a librarian, programming for kids, as well as a wide range of other topics related to

I love reading, writing and surfing. I am happiest by the water, with a good book in my hands.

I’ve always loved reading books and writing ever since I was a kid. I have always had a passion for the ocean, and I am happiest when I am near the water.

Donny Leiker | Golf Pro Strategies

Donny Leiker

I’m a huge nerd, but I also like to stay active. Follow my blog to keep up with the latest science discoveries and sports happenings! Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been fascinated with science and sports. You don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy science or sports! 3. What is your favorite aspect of your blog?My favorite aspect of my blog is the person I get to share it with. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love how much science and sports intertwine in my life!