A golf trolley is needed by a golfer when he does not want to carry a golf bag with his water bottles, mobile, umbrella, towel, golf balls, tees, cart bag and other necessary things. Since golfer wants to get rid of heavy bags, therefore, he should opt for light weight golf trolley.

The most easy and immediate solution for carrying things around the golf course is available in form of trolleys. It should be assured that trolley is strong and light in weight so that it can carry heavy things. Titanium, a light weight and strong metal, is used to manufacture such trolleys.

Types of lightweight golf trolleys
Three types of trolleys are designed to avoid the burden of heavy golf bags namely, electric trolleys, manual trolleys and electric cart. A golfer can use any of the three kinds for his ease and comfort.

Electric Trolley
These trolleys are available with three wheels and are operated with a remote control. Since these are powered with batteries, therefore, golfer has to use a remote control to travel it to desired path. These trolleys are gaining popularity because of the fact that they reduce burden of golf bags and stress of walking across the golf course.

Manual Trolley
These trolleys are designed to push or pull. Pulling trolleys are made up with two wheels and push trolleys are made up with thee wheels. Pull trolleys are considered safer than the push ones because they have rubber wheels and are safe to move on golf ground.

Electric Cart
Golfer can sit in it and drive anywhere in the golf course. Not every golfer owns an electric cart; most of them have to hire these carts in the golf courses.

Benefits of light weight trolley
Less sprain and pressure

While a golfer is playing 18 hole courses game, light weight trolleys benefit the most. It reduces the pressure and effort of carrying and moving the golf bag across golf course.

Easy transportation
A golfer can easily transport his golf items from one corner to other corner of the golf course without carrying all the things manually.

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