Have you ever thought that changing your golf swing is easier than it may sound? We all know the fact that every male and female golfers professional and amateurs, will spend small fortunes on looking for that elusive swing which will give them longer distance, more accuracy and a positive reduction in their handicap.

So lets look at some of the problems that occur with a golf swing.

Like anything that is worth doing, it must be approached in the correct manner. There are certain criteria and protocol that must be followed.

To make any changes to a golf swing, one must firstly get the basics right, and that means a complete analysis of every detail involved in the movement of feet, arms, shoulders, hips, head, all of these must be studied and corrected before a drive is taken.

First basic step must be the set up. How a golfer approaches the shot, what drills will he go through before starting his practice swing.

One of the vital components for consistent ball striking with accuracy is posture. The posture must be developed so the back is straight. Then bend at the hips until the upper body is over the ball.

The knees are then flexed. This position should make you feel strong and confident as you prepare for the drive. If your stance is right the rest of the components should fall into place. Take care to remember it is vital that the spinal angle is kept straight from addressing the ball right through to impact.

Changing the golf swing may also involve changing the grip one has developed over many years. This component may prove to be very awkward and difficult to change, but if you are radically changing the swing then you will have to persist until it becomes second nature to you.

It would be very advisable to seek professional lessons either through E video, or personal tutoring. The latter option can work out very expensive. The E video option once purchased is there for you at all times, and can be viewed at your leisure.

A golf grip should never be like a stranglehold, it should be firm, but not tight. The criteria you should gauge your grip by is, if someone wanted to take the club from your hands they should be able to do this without having to pull it from your hands with force.

To adapt to a new swing technique will take a lot of practice and dedication to perfect the drive. It is no use if your game starts to deteriorate and your handicap start to rise instead of fall.

Sometimes we give up just because the task is hard and the rewards are few, but if we persist and continue with the practicing with the realisation that the benefits are great and the satisfaction is most gratifying.

I will leave you with this thought, “The measure of a man is in what he does, with what he has got”

Thank you.

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