If you’re looking to improve your golf course management skills then look no further. The uPro GPS system for golf is probably what you are looking for. It utilizes a state-of-the-art GPS system along with aerial and satellite technology to produce accurate rendering of thousands of golf courses with all their details.

The uPro provides you with aerial photographs and satellite imagery of these golf courses which enables you to see not only what the hole looks like but all the details of it before you start playing it. It also utilizes the unit’s GPS system to clearly locate the courses hazards, peculiarities and flagstick so you can know what you are going to have to deal with at any point on the course.

The software provides very easy navigation and an optimized battery life. For Pro mode users there is an auto-layup feature included along with the ability to use the “mark shot” function and extra yardage points on the fairways. One great addition is the Virtual Green View (exclusive until now only on the uPro GO) is now available on this unit as well.

All this gives you that edge as it feels like you have a personal caddie very familiar with the course right there with you so you can scout the hole ahead of time and you can accurately plan your strategy for the hole.

On the high-resolution 2.2-inch color screen you can see different views of the fairways, check into any upcoming sand traps or water hazards and receive distance markers that help you select your club for the distance. And just as impressive, the uPro’s technology even anticipates the potential hazards you’ll face next so you can plan accordingly. All based on your games strengths and weaknesses. If say you don’t want to carry the water on your next shot the technology will tell you which path you should take in order to avoid the water.

This unit is truly easy to carry with such a sleek design it can fit in a pocket or in a belt holder with no interference with your normal golf swing. The unit also has the fastest startup time of any of the golf GPS systems. This results from the unit locking into the satellites super-fast. And due to its high sensitivity it stays locked in even under some of the most extreme conditions.

There are a few things you should be looking for when shopping for a golf GPS.

The number one thing is it should be easy to use (very intuitive). You certainly don’t want to be trying to figure it out on the golf course the way the marshals want to push you along these days.

It needs to be easy to carry. Having a unit that fits in your pocket or on your belt but doesn’t get in the way of you playing is a must.

It needs to accurate and have exact distances so that you can plan your next shot.

It should have enough data to really help you. Cheap one can be some help but I think they are just not worth the savings from a better quality unit.

It should have enough battery life to last at least thirty six holes. Now you may only typically play eighteen but I would want longer battery life than that.

The Callaway uPro GPS defines the way a golf GPS device should be and gives you the most remarkable user experience of any of them. I certainly don’t hesitate to recommend it.

Dave McIntosh has enjoyed golfing for years. If you are looking for more great information on the uPro GPS, visit Callaway GPS .