The portable high-definition (HD) camera market has really taken off this year, thanks in part to the popular ‘Kodak’ brand cameras. One has to give credit where credit is due, and not many would argue that the ‘Kodak zi8’ was in fact the camera to truly bring the portable HD craze into full effect. Sometimes you have some footage shot on the Zi8 and want to import 1080p clips to one professional editing software like FCP , but be uncertain if it is capable of effectively playback Kodak zi8 videos to Final Cut Pro.

Just because Kodak records the video files with mov files (i.e. Quicktime files) does not mean they are perfect for editing in FCP. The fact is, all of the small video cams, including the Zi8 Cams, records highly compressed codecs that are known as delivery codecs, not editing codecs. you need one third-party software to convert HD mov files to some formats like DV, HDV , MPEG-4 that FCP is happy to edit.

Kodak zi8 video to Final Cut Pro Converter
is one simple-to-use solution with the minimum amount of buttons and a small menu for converting Kodak video (Kodak Zx1, Kodak zi6, Kodak Zi8 and Kodak PLAYSPORT) to DV, HDV, MPEG-4, etc., for importing Kodak videos to Final Cut Pro. It also allows you to edit virtually Kodak zi8 videos with fast conversion speed while keep the professional and native quality.

With all the advancements in Kodak zi8 video to Final Cut Pro Converter, there are now even more reasons why it’s the first choice of professional converters/editors. Simple-yet elegant, Powerful new features and time-saving improvements help you work faster than ever. Kodak video to Final Cut Pro Converter will likely become a daily part of your FCP editing process.

Step 1: Connect Kodak zi8 camera to iMac, Mac book
connect Kodak zi8 camcorder to computer and transfer mov files to iMac, Mac book

Step 2: Download and install iOrgSoft Koadk video to Final Cut Pro Converter
Download iOrgSoft Kodak video to Final Cut Pro Converter and double click .dmg to install. A user-friendly interface will pop up.

Step 3: load Kodak zi8 mov files
Hit the File button on the top left panel or click Add Video button to select Kodak zi8 mov files.

Step 4: Select the output format, DV, HDV
Select DV, HDV format for FCP in the pull-up list next to Profile field

Step 5: Convert Kodak zi8 mov files
Hit the Start button to start converting, click the Order Later button after the window pop up.

Step 6: Import converted video files into FCP
Click the Open button to select the converted files and import DV, HDV files to FCP.

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