If you are using a wrong golf swing, you may have trouble in making par at the golf course. Maybe you are confident on taking a swing at the ball with the club by any means, there is still a technique that can improve on your score.


Step 1: You will want to look around you and find the best place to align yourself with the target you are looking to make. In most cases, you will want to align yourself with the hole’s flag. Now square the angle of your club and prepare.


Step 2: Next, you need to ensure that your club is against the ground as it would be naturally. Don’t press hard into it, and don’t cling to it in your hand. Place your left hand on the club so across the top of your forefinger is the shaft. The base of the club should be square in the center of your palm, and you should grip the handle.


Step 3: Imagine the club is a good friend, and give it a good handshake around the grip. During this, your right hand should cover your left thumb. If done properly, your right thumb is pointing at your right shoulder.


Step 4: Next you will need to determine how you want to grip the back of the club. There are various proper forms for doing this, and not one of them is better for everyone. Determine which of the following works best for you and incorporate it into your golf swing.


1; The Vardon or Overlapping Swing: Place your little finger on your right hand between your index finger and middle finger on your left hand.


2; The Interlocking Grip: Place your right hand little finger with the left index finger and lock them together. This usually only works best for individuals with little hands.


3; The Baseball Grip: Place all your fingers around the club.


Step 5: Improve your posture. Stand up perfectly straight to begin. Make sure your shoulders are square with your feet. Your entire body should be parallel with your intended target which is the hole. Lean forward slightly from your waist while maintaining the standing posture and relax your body, remove all tension from it.


Step 6: One you have determined you have the correct posture, and everything is aligned, you are ready to do your golf swing. This movement can be an important part of the swing as it will ensure that your weight is evenly distributed on the feet. The time has come for you to your waggle. Which is where you shake it all off. Everyone has their own way of using the waggle, just be sure you are relaxing during this process. It is important to practice this rotation movement as you hold the club either in front of your shoulders or in back of them. But at all times your back should remain in a proper angle.


You will now proceed with your back swing, paying special attention to the oration of your body parts, including the shoulders and hips. They should be a direct and concise movement. Keep your right foot firmly planted until you finish your swing. After impact you can move it. The key here is the power is in the force of your rotation.


By following these simple steps, in no time you will find you have the perfect golf swing. Watch as your score improves and people are impressed by your overall success.


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