Hitting too much for beginners is big problem, they often think it is better to hit farther with power, in fact, this is a wrong concept. The key to playing far is correct and timely hitting swing. To do this, you need to relax before the swing. Here are six key physical and psychological adjustment factors, so that when we hit the ball and create more clubhead speed, ball hit farther. Of course, this is the completion of several key points one by one action, but it has nothing to do with the strength, and the main effect is to reduce the inhibition of the body tension. After reading these six points, you will have a better feeling after you hitting the ball.

Steps / methods for easily grip

Thinking of pulling your arms to play, we should grip it lightly with an adequate process to ensure the club does not fall in the swing prevail. Easy to grip, it will not be nervous on the rigid swing, you can hit the wider smooth arc, of course, you created a wider arc the greater club head speed.


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Flexible Swing Angle

Aiming the ball, it is conceivable that two spring legs, swing from the power of the spring. The bending of the knees should not be too large, slightly curved like, knees bent too much flexibility limits the swing. Center of gravity back swing when the body is toward the right foot, the right of the springs will take more strength to your entire body to complete the swing with, not just the hands and arms. Of course, the next swing is driven by these springs.

Wider swing arc.

Imagine the left arm and club are two separate individuals, slow and smooth after the play, stretching as far as possible to form a longer “radius”, the “radius” around the spine to the head to form a more spacious circle. “Radius” bigger, more distant running head, club head speed will be.

Driven rod legs.

Many people just get shot from the upper body strength, if coupled with the strength of the lower plate, that ball will be more robust. Rod driven to make the legs, knees to the target direction is the lateral movement of the body center of gravity shifted to the left immediately, pulling his hands and arms to speed up the shot.

Pumping hit the ball.

Imagine just a little white ball swing of things does not matter, just in the swing path, so that their heads more freedom to the joystick, just let it be it through the little white ball location, rather than slapping it on purpose out.

Full golf swing

Hands are above the head, clubhead is in the back and the back is a little bending. Body weight lies in the left leg, belt buckle pointing slightly to the left of the target. Complete a full swing, you need to keep balance.

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