Yep, all three were trending Monday morning.


Why? Well, golfer Bubba Watson won his second Masters in three years on Sunday.!/ReaganWorld/status/455550415237423105!/JohnEkdahl/status/455514671642968064!/BretBaier/status/455484292421144576

Watson took to Twitter after his win to thank supporters.!/bubbawatson/status/455538289672335360

He then posted a photo of his “champ dinner.” And it was awesome.!/bubbawatson/status/455581121493741568

Waffle House for the win!

Pastor Judah Smith was in attendance as well.!/judahsmith/status/455405631608872960!/judahsmith/status/455555881392828416

Indeed. Two green jackets for the humble and inspiring Watson.!/GolfChannel/status/455682042660143104

Was his Waffle House dinner the real winner? Twitter users loved it.!/marktherrien/status/455695586956951552!/mdrache/status/455665002922270720!/MattyIcee1/status/455699183320981504!/mdrache/status/455480104697597952


And an exit question:!/bob_owens/status/455680257820217344

Make it happen. Waffle House-loving actor Rob Lowe would agree.


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