The Driver for many golfers is probably the most important club they will carry in their golf bag, and knowing how to use it correctly is a key part in lowering golf scores and creating an overall better golfing experience.

Hitting a great drive off the tee is one of the best feeling in the world, but making this a reality isn’t as easy as some might think. Plenty of players get frustrated when their golf shot does not go the way they hoped and give up on the driver before even giving it a real chance.

Below are a few golf tips that will hopefully get you on the right track to improving your golf game off the tee:

1. Choice of Driver

Choosing the correct driver can have a significant impact on your game, but is often overlooked when it comes to improving it. The two most important things to consider when purchasing a driver is the loft of the club and the shaft. A golf player with a fast golf swing would be advised to go with a low lofted driver with a stiff shaft, whilst a player with a slower more relaxed swing would probably be better off with a driver that has more loft and a more flexible shaft.

2. Accuracy Over Power

Always remember that a straight golf drive with less distance is still much better then a long drive that ends up in the rough. If you find that your golf shots are not hitting the fairway as much as you would like, try shortening your golf swing a little. A shorter swing should give you more control over your driver giving you a more accurate golf shot when hitting it off the tee.

3. Correct Tee Height

Teeing the ball at the right height is a simple yet effective method to increase distance and accuracy when hitting your golf drive. The correct height for your golf tee should show roughly half of the golf ball above the top of the drivers club head.

Teeing the ball too high usually results in swinging to far under the ball which can cause unwanted height and a loss of distance in your drive, aswell as causing your clubhead to be slightly closed on impact which can give players a hook in their golf shot.

Teeing the ball too low will impact your golf swing by making you swing down at a steeper angle which can also decrease the distance of your drive. It can also leave your clubhead with a slightly open face at impact causing a slice in your golf shot.

4. Visualize the Shot

This golf tip may sound a bit silly, but it can sometimes help if you try to imagine hitting your ball in the center of the fairway before every shot. The theory is that if you have the belief that you are going to hit a good golf shot, chances are you probably will.

5. Relax your Golf Swing

Keeping relaxed during your golf swing can be the difference between hitting a great golf shot, and hitting a terrible golf shot. The reason most players don’t relax when they swing is because their trying to hit the ball to hard. Swinging to hard usually causes the muscles to tense up resulting in a bad golf shot, whilst a relaxed golf shot will allow you to swing with ease ultimately giving you a longer straighter drive.

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