When it comes to a golf swing slice a lot of golfer are very frustrated. But to better your game it just comes down to a few golf swing basics and techniques you can use to correct a slice.
Interested in 3 tips and tricks you can use today? Yes, then read this article and improve your game.

Okay let us come down to some simple golf swing basics. First of all, the most important part here is the golf swing itself. Keep it as simple as you can. Especially beginners should do so.

1. The teeing off is the beginning. When you are on the range stay relaxed. Do not think about your golf swing slice. Focus on your movements and visualize your swing before you actually do it. This helps to get a step by step picture in your mind. Mental fitness is the key in golf and other sports too.

2. Get the right grip. Not to tight and not too lightly. You have to handle your grip right otherwise you will hook up or slice the ball. Just follow the basics of the right grip and you will see quick results in your handicap.

3. You have to understand the difference between the backswing and down swing. The backswing is a lot slower. Be relaxed here and follow the point 1 here. The backswing is not as important as the downswing. The downswing is the crucial factor. Here we want to take momentum and hit the ball straight to the hole in one! Okay, maybe not hole in on but this should be the goal for every golfer. The downswing is essential here, focus on these point and you will hit a draw in golf.

As you can see the golf swing basics is where it all starts. There are a lot more rules and training techniques you can use to lower your score.

Next you will want to know how to learn the inside outs of the game.

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