There is nothing else in the world like excelling at the sport of golf. Having the ability to shoot well among friends or in heated competition will gain you both respect and admiration among your peers. It is not beyond anyone to play a solid round of golf once a consistent and steady golf swing is established. This article serves to provide golf swing instructions to the reader in the hopes that it will enlighten the reader, as well as improve their golf game.

One’s golf swing can be broken down into three portions: the back-swing, the forward-swing, and the follow-through. Avoiding the common mistakes made during each of these three portions will help to ensure a proper and effective golf swing.

During the back-swing, try not to pick the club up too quickly off the ground. Let the club sweep across the ground smoothly as it rises into the air letting the head of the club draw a circle starting at the ball location and ending with the shaft and club head parallel to the ground and pointing at the target. Keep your posture steady throughout the back-swing taking special care to keep your head down looking at the ball and shifting your weight from your center to your right hip and foot.

As you begin your forward-swing, you will start to move your weight from the right side of your body over to the left. Try to avoid jerking the club down; let the club head act as if it were a pendulum. The club head will gain speed gradually as it descends from its location parallel to the ground approaching its highest speed when it impacts the ball. Once the ball is impacted, a majority of your weight should now be primarily on your left hip and foot.

Your swing’s follow-through is just as important as the other two parts. Make sure not to underestimate the significance of this part of your swing. After impact, try to rotate your torso to face the target and move your head to look down the line of your shot. During this rotation of your torso, you will start to move your right foot lifting the heel, rotating, and finally balancing your stance with your right foot’s toes.

Practicing in front of a mirror can be a good exercise. In order to perform this exercise properly however, you should practice each portion of the swing separately, then as whole. Pay close attention to your posture, the club head sweeping the ground and the shift of your weight from one side of the body to the other.

Keep in mind that correctly practicing your swing will get you well on your way to playing consistently good golf. You may find it helpful to stop by the range a few times a week and play a game of golf in your head. Before each shot, remember your golf swing instructions, and work to break as few of the rules as possible.

After quite a bit of practicing, you will find that your golf swing has become much more consistent. Keeping your swing consistent is the key to playing quality golf. Before you know it, all your friends will be asking you for golf swing instructions!

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