Many new and experienced golfers have problems with their golf swing fix. It’s quite embarrassing when people from the audience back away whenever you come close to the tee. Working on your swing is necessary especially if you notice that all the golf balls are heading in the wrong directions. There are several effective ways to fix your golf swing and it would be best if you will be accompanied by a person who is good in playing golf when you decide to practice. You may ask a friend or perhaps a golf instructor so that when you work on your golf swing, someone will be there to observe the mistakes you’ve committed. Identifying the wrong moves you commit will ensure success in fixing your swing. Fill a bucket with golf balls and you will also need five-iron so that you can start fixing your problem. The materials needed for this activity are not hard to find. Here are instructions that can help you in addressing in such problem.

Hold the club in your left hand and grip it good. The thumb should lie alongside the shaft. The index finger and thumb should form a V and it should point towards the right eye. Wrap the right hand over the left and make sure that the left thumb fits into the right palm’s cup. This is applicable to right handed golfers so if you’re left handed, reverse the right and left instructions.

Slightly point the knees in to fine-tune the stance. The right foot should face straight ahead while the left foot should slightly face left. Your arms and elbow should be close together as much as possible. When you’ve finally found your stance, your elbows should point directly to the hips (left elbow – left hip; right elbow – right hip). An imaginary flat plane should extend from the shoulders to the golf ball. For backswing, the movement should start from the hands to the arms and shoulders. For downswing, rotate the hips back toward the golf ball. The left wrist bone must point to the ball once the club touches it.

For five-iron, you need to ensure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Here’s a general rule – if you’re using longer clubs, it will require wider stance; and for shorter clubs it will only require narrower stance. If you’re looking for golf swing fix tips and videos, make sure that you only go for professionally produced instruction materials. That way, you can be sure that the instructions are helpful and will soon improve your playing skills.

Hitting the ball properly is a big challenge. Even experienced golfers often have swing problems. Beginners should learn how to swing properly because bad habits are hard to cure. If you start right, you won’t encounter many problems in future golf games.

It’s not a good idea to swing the clubs very hard because you might not hit the ball and slicing can also occur.

Follow the golf swing fix instructions in this article so that you can now work on your swing and enjoy many games of golf with your friends and colleagues.

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