The game of golf is learned in small and simple steps one at a time.


There is no such thing as a perfect golf game. It is not learned in a day, a week, a month or even a year. It takes years and years of practice to perfect the golf swing basics. This is what makes it a beautiful game, it will always challenge you to improve. Every course provides a different set of challenges and no one has the same golf swing.


To make quicker progress in the game, there are a few important tips that will reduce your handicap. Some golfers overlook the simple elements of golf, this is why they become increasingly frustrated with the game. Here is what I’ve found has helped me with my game.


You must keep these three really important steps in mind the whole time you are playing.



Keep your head still – any slight movement will cause you to move your eyes away from the ball and this will cause you to not make full contact with the ball.


Keep your club head traveling in a straight line while in contact with the ball – Seems simple, but don’t put too much power into your swing otherwise this will cause your muscles to tense up and will cause the club head to move out of line with hitting the ball.


Relax your muscles – if your muscles are tense then this will cause you to divert all the energy needed for your swing away from it.


If you’re head is still then your eyes stay on the ball. It may seem the most simple thing but you have to see what you’re trying to hit! A lot of my friends have been surprised at how effective this simple step improves their golf swing basics.


You can spend ages trying to find a golf slice cure but all you simply need to do is to keep your club head travelling in a straight line while it’s in contact with the ball. It really is that simple.


In order to achieve a straight line with your club head you just need to relax. You may think this sounds easy to do but in reality, if you’re not confident with your swing then you tend to tense up. If you just focus on relaxing your muscles before, during and after your swing then your confidence in it will increase. Relaxation will also help your balance. You must stand comfortably so you can reach the ball easily. The muscles which twist the body around will add force to your swing. So it is really important that you keep your arms relaxed.


Learning golf swing basics can be a very fun and rewarding process and you shouldn’t let little obstacles distract you from achieving it.



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