For others it is the reverse. And for many golfers, especially those that play mainly on weekends – they have trouble hitting both irons and drivers. The most frequent result is a nasty slice or loss of power. Most of us have our standard blame list – bad weather, bad course, bad equipment.

For many people the real problem is that they have gotten away from golf swing basics. Just follow and practice these five basic golf swing fundamental to improve your mechanics and your overall golf game:

Alignment is the most important factor in hitting the ball square. The fundamental idea behind a good swing is to hit the ball dead center. This means that your setup to the ball is the most important element of the basic golf swing.
It may be difficult at first to try and use your whole body but when you are hitting the ball, try practicing it using your torso and legs. When you are used to swinging the club with your whole body then you will soon see yourself hitting the ball further and with more consistency.

In your backswing, make sure you swivel your hips each time. Your left wrist should be flat with your right forearm exactly parallel to your spine. You elbows and arms should form a triangle at the top of your swing. This will ensure you will make a more solid hit with the ball and it will also increase your accuracy.

To stop an inconsistent swing you must ensure that there is a 45 degree angle between the left arm and the shaft of the club during the set up. You must keep your hands as close to the ground as possible This should be enough to stop you from over swinging your arms killing the bad posture that comes about from swinging too far in the backswing.

If you can’t get outside to practice your chipping then try it indoors.
Is there a more important part of a golf game than the golf swing? No, of course not. So what better area to focus on than golf swing basics. Let’s take a look at some basic and very simple techniques which in turn will improve your swing and score.

1. When taking the longer pitch shot your stance will be wider, the length of your swing will cause your shoulders and body rotate; which in turn will cause you to shift a little bit of your weight to the back foot as your arms swing further back and around.

If you are faced with a short pitch shot over a bunker, you will need to use a more lofted club to throw ball high in the air allowing the ball softly on the green. With a pitch shot from 70 or 80 yards out with an open approach you may choose to fly the ball to the flag with a bit of backspin or play a shot that lands short of the hole that releases and rolls to the hole.

As with any shot there will be more than one way to play the shot, the most important thing to take into consideration is the location of the ball in relation to your target on the green. What obstructions you have to contend with and the amount of green that you have to work with.

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