Golf is a game that is won by the person that has the best missed shots. The thing that we do not realize when we watch great golfers is that 80% of the time they missed when it comes to what they were trying to do with the ball. The difference is that their miss might leave them a 15 foot putt where your miss leaves you a 20 yard chip. This comes from practice and that is why you are being provided with the top three golf practice tips.

1. Consistent practice is the only way to go

If you are going to practice golf you need to commit to a consistent routine. It is like anything else if you do it consistently you will get better. If all you do is roll 50 putts on a putting mat or on your carpet each and every day and you work on your stroke, then your putting will improve. There are many drills and things you can do in the comfort of your own home without having to go to the course or the driving range to improve your game.

2. Practicing the right things

When it comes to all the golf practice tips that are out there none of them are more important than this one. When most golfers go to the range to practice they spend about 70% on their full swing and about 30% combined on their short game and putting. When they go play a round they take more strokes with their putter than with all the full swing clubs they have in their bag. This means that if you are going to practice you should spend about 75% of your time on putting and your short game.

3. Practice proper technique when you practice

The golf practice tips are exactly that they are tips to help you practice golf better. Just like anything else in life if you practice bad habits you will develop bad habits. This works in the golf swing, too. The recommendation is that you go to the range to work on something and do not worry about if you hit every shot great or if you shank a few. If you do not hit a few shanks, then you really are not working on anything. You should take 2-3 practice swings with a drill or in a way that you are practicing proper techinque, then hit a shot without thinking about the new techinque or drill.

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