The best thing about “The simple Golf Swing” is that it is a system. Most golfers swing at the ball, but never really THINK about what they did wrong, or more importantly, what they did right.
Thinking about the possible corrections usually will not work because there is always a little wrist cock, or a certain turning angle that could have influenced the good or bad result.
What a system does for your game is it allows you to proactively analyse each shot after you hit it and realize the result, good or bad.
For example, I hit the ball and it slices. Now most golfers are going to hit the ball again and slice it again. Maybe they hit a good ball every once in a while, but they will never know what MADE them hit the good shot.
With this system you will get 5 simple steps to go through for every swing you put on the ball. Now you will start to see trends developing, and you can always tie those trends back to one of the 5 steps you are most likely forgetting about which is causing the negative trend.
So in my example, I hit a slice. Now because I have this system in place, I automatically know what I have to concentrate on for the next shot. I know that I did one of 2 things. I let my body get ahead of my hands, or I failed to start the downswing with my arms. If I top the ball, I automatically know that I failed to keep my leading shoulder down on the ball.
So the point is that having simple but effective controls in place will really help your game. You will be really surprised how much you will learn about your own game, and how easy it is to develop and maintain good habits once you understand how to recognize them.
It is David Negovt Full Swing DVD that I am talking about. The Number 1 rated golf instruction DVD on the Internet.

This is the DVD designed to help any golfer break 80 regardless of his or her ability.

The same DVD that has helped golfers in 36 countries hit further than ever before…cut 7 to 12 strokes off their handicaps …and take their games to a whole other level.
A success rate of 95%

That is right. Better than nine out of ten golfers who have tried the DVD say it improved their game. And not over months or years either.

They started hitting the ball further and more consistently in two weeks or less.

Now, I do not have to tell you why distance and consistency are key if you want to go beyond being just another average golfer and start playing the kind of golf you can feel good about.

You already know that without a good swing, you are throwing away strokes by topping, slicing or hooking the ball. And racking up penalty strokes with every round.

The plain truth is if you do not have a good swing, your drives will be short, inaccurate and…frankly… pitiful.

That said, I did not make this DVD to help you develop a good swing.

I made it to teach you a great one.
The swing I will teach you will have your shots flying longer and straighter than you ever imagined possible… give unbelievable consistency to your drives…and become so easy and natural you will drop into it time after time without even thinking about it.

If you know my other videos, you know what we can achieve with a little practice on your part and some easy instructions on mine. To get this top-rated DVD at a very special, limited-time-only price, just..
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Here is what you will learn in my Full Swing DVD.

In my video, I will teach you how to overcome the three biggest swing-related problems facing the average golfer.

I will give you checkpoints to make sure you are at the right position throughout the swing. In short order, you will be able to monitor your own swing and match it to the mechanics I demonstrate.

But that is not all. I will make sure that you learn
The set-up that automatically gives you the correct swing plane. Once you get it, all the rest falls into place every time.
The backswing that is radically different from the one 99% of all average golfers use and why it holds the key to consistency and distance.
The simple solution that automatically makes your timing perfect every time.
The trick that lets you forget about balance and makes achieving perfect balance almost like cheating.
The secret of insuring that you always hit the ball where you want it to go. (Golfers say that learning this little tidbit alone was worth the price of the DVD many times over. And that was at the regular price of $ 97!)
The two articles of clothing that will help you get your swing styled just right.
What not to think about during your swing and the proper mental attitude that can make all the difference in your game.
Instant cures for difficult lies. Even the toughest spots would not keep you from a perfect drive.
And how to lose the fat…as well as the thin. (Hint: It is got nothing to do with your diet.)

I will even share with you how a garbage can helped me get my swing down. And plenty more besides.

I will also show you what not to do. The other programs do not teach this way and I think that is a mistake. I believe it is easier to learn and recognize the right movements if you know what to watch for.

Ready to see for yourself? To order your copy of my Full Swing DVD, just..If you have any questions on this, please feel free to send an e-mail to

The golf swing is a part of the game of golf. No matter how good you are, it can always have room for improvement. It is perfect practice that makes perfect.

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