Are you thinking about taking some golf lessons or maybe you have already started and you are unsure of what to expect? Do you want to know what you should be getting for your money? There are many schools of thought on how to swing a golf club, but that does not mean that you should end up with a bad PGA Pro. Here are some golf instruction tips that will help you make sure you are getting your moneys worth at every lesson.

First, if you are getting lessons from a PGA Pro and all they are doing is talking to you during the lesson, then you might have made a bad choice. This is not a good way for a pro to get the message across. They need to be showing you drills, putting you in the right position, and also verbalizing the lesson so that they can figure out which learning style you learn with and use that to help you get better faster.

Second, when it comes to golf instruction tips you need to know that if your PGA pro is not giving you a proper lesson you will feel like you wasted your money. You should be getting a lesson that actually gives you one or two things to work on. They should not be ripping your entire swing apart and they should not be filling your head so full of information that you are unsure where to start. The golf instruction tips that you should be getting should be simple and easy to understand.

Last, if you get a bum PGA pro that is trying to teach you golf, then you need to cancel any future lessons and find a better way to learn. Seek out a pro that has graduated from the Golf Academy of America or another PGA pro that is better equipped to teach you. Sometimes it is as simple as changing to someone with a better attitude towards the game that teaches because they enjoy it and not just because it is a job.

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