In a way, the name Range Finder doesn’t do the Golf Buddy Pro justice. It is so much more than a range finder. It actually gives you a monochrome picture of the green, along with distances to various parts of the green. So, the Golf Buddy Pro is not just a range finder. It’s a golf GPS, which is comparable to the Callaway uPro, Sonocaddie V300, and the Garmin Approach. Let’s take a look at a few of the Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder’s many features and compare them to its major competitors.

First off, the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder has automatic course and hole recognition. After all, it’s a GPS, it should know where it is. That’s true of all high-end golf GPS devices. A feature that the Golf Buddy has that not everyone else shares is it comes preloaded with thousands of courses. (It can hold up to 20,000 courses!) Most golf GPS devices require you to pay for courses, which you download. The Callaway uPro comes with one free course, then the downloads are $ 10 each. Only the Garmin Approach comes with pre-loaded courses.

This shouldn’t be that big of an issue, after all you’re paying anywhere from $ 300 to $ 400 for one of these things. But still. It’s nice to have all the information you need already in the device. The only problem is what if your favorite course is not one of the ones already in your Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder? The folks who make Golf Buddy are generally pretty responsive about adding golf courses to their package. After all, that’s what they’re selling. Also, they have thousands already charted. So, the chances of your golf course not being already in their database are pretty slim.

All in all, the Golf Buddy Pro GPS Range Finder does well in competing with other more expensive models like the Callaway uPro , Sonocaddie V300, or the Garmin Approach. The graphics are not as spectacular as the Callaway uPro or the Garmin Approach, but you need to decide if you really need high-end graphics. For some people, the graphics actually get in the way of golf. And after all, that’s what you’re out there for.

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