If you want to enjoy and win at golf you will need every help to shave points off your game. When you are about to hit tricky or distant shots you will need to use the right club to make the pin. Aside from using the right club it would help if you could know the distance to the pin. The Bushnell – Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder is designed for that very reason to help you accurately identify the distance between the cup and the tee.

To help you calculate distance to the pin, some golf courses make use of distance markers. In truth however, not many golf courses possess this feature. This thus makes it hard for players to guess the distance from the tee to the hole or course hazards. Not knowing the accurate distance can put you some strokes away from your desired destination. With the Bushnell – Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder you do not have to face such problems again when playing golf.

The Bushnell – Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder comes with a pin-seeker that will help you accurately measure distances to the pin. It has a 400 yards range capacity and comes with view magnification. The rangefinder comes with a 7x magnification so that you can get accurate readings up to under ±1 yard. The 400 yards to flag capacity of this rangefinder means that you get wide range readings that is compatible with most playing courses. The LCD display is designed to make readings clear and easy, and with the water resistant feature you can safely use your Bushnell – Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder no matter the weather conditions.

When you buy this Bushnell – Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder, you get 1 rangefinder, a quality carrying case, an owner’s manual and a 9V battery. Now you can play like a pro using this latest high tech equipment. It is a high tech gadget, but yet it is very easy to use. The product is of top quality and quite durable. It comes with a 1 year guaranty. The rangefinder measures at 1.33 inches in height by 5 inches width. It is measures 3.33 inches in depth and weighs at 12 oz.

To improve your game and feel more like a pro, all you need is the Bushnell – Pro 1600 Tournament Rangefinder. Just point this user friendly device towards the flag pin and it would do the rest. It would give you the accurate distance measurements from the tee, helping you decide on the best club iron to use. Give your friends and opponent a good match; use this rangefinder to significantly improve on your game.

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