While all these are very useful, users like us get into problem when we find out that a video file is not playing on our OS (Operating System). You see, different platform also features new formats more compatible to their system. Therefore those of us who use different platforms, we get into trouble. Say for example, the FLV (Flash Video) format. It is a useful format around the Internet because of its small size and use of chunk which make it easier to share over the Internet properly. But the setback is Windows or Mac, none of them supports FLV by default. Even if you can play them with right video codec and right video components you won’t be able to edit them on software like Windows Movie Maker or Final Cut Pro or iMovie etc. So the problem remains.

The Solution is rather simple. If you are a Mac user, all you got to do is to convert the using a FLV converter Mac.

Now of course FLV is not the only file formats that are not supported. There are others as well. Are you going to use an FLV converter for Mac and use another converter for let’s say MKV (Matroska Video) file? No need for that. Converters usually support multiple formats. But that depends on the quality of the converter you are using.

There are many converters that can be found on the Internet. Many of them are free. But a free product of course has its disadvantages as well. Let’s talk about FLV Crunch by programmingkidx. It is a freeware made for Mac OSX. As the name suggests, you can use this as the Mac FLV converter. Other formats that are supported include AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4 and 3GP. No doubt the collection of formats that it supports is very limited. It does not support many main stream video formats.

It gives simple video conversion options such as video frame rate, bit rate and resolution. It has a very basic interface which is easy for new users but for professional users it is not an option. 

With a limited collection and options, this converter is not really ideal for advanced users but nonetheless can be used as a last resource. To use something more advanced, professional and powerful you should turn your look to Wondershare’s Video Converter for Mac. Besides a stretchy list of supported video formats it also features direct conversion of video for portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, PSP, Zune etc. Supported devices list is also pretty long. Also the number of video editing options is also considerable. You can cut, crop, trim, merge; adjust color, brightness and saturation of the video and other options.

To understand its full functions firsthand you can download the trial version first. You can purchase the full version later if are satisfied with the performance. Following link will get you to its Download address. You will also find other information about the converter that will clarify any doubts or questions you may have. The link is: http://www.applemacvideo.com/mac-video-converter.html.

Wondershare provides a wide range of multimedia software for Mac users, including Video and Audio Converter, DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, Free Video Downloader and Transfer etc. Please visit http://www.applemacvideo.com/ for more information.

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