It’s a short low running approach golf shot with overspin or bite used in approaching the green. Other terms used for chipping are:

Chip In – When your ball rolls into the cup after chipping, you hole out with a chip shot.


Chip-and-run – A chip shot intended to run the ball after landing.


Chili-dip – A mishit chip shot, the clubhead hitting the ground well before it hits the ball.


If you wonder: when chipping? The answer is: in every situation within a few yards of the green. 

Chip Shot Golf Sequence


Basic Chip Shot Golf Tips 

This step by step chip shot checklist will help to drill and improve your chip shot techniques. 

1. Take a 6-, 7-, 8- or 9-iron or pitching wedge. 

2. Use your normal grip for this chip shot. 

3. Address the ball with a narrow stance. The ball placed more towards back foot. 

4. Open your feet and shoulders a little bit, not too wide. 

5. Lean your body a bit to the left of the pin. 

6. Keep your shoulders and your wrists firm, like you should hit with a putter. 

7. Hands ahead of the ball, inside your left thigh. Your left hand has to block the vision of your left knee. Right hand for lefthanded golfers. 

8. Lean your weight to your front foot. 

9. Aim the face of your lady golf club towards the target. 

10. Make a slow tempo swing with your arms and shoulders. Like you want to put. Your arms and shoulders move like a pendulum clock. 

11. Touch the ground – before you chip the ball. Crisps the grass. Accelerate through the ball and hit it off the toe of the club. Keep your hand ahead of the ball at impact. 

12. The follow through of a chip shot should have the same length as your back swing, as mentioned before, like a pendulum clock. A short back swing causes short distance chipping, a long one a longer traject. 

13. The golf club lifts the ball up in the air. Practice a lot, and you can make a perfect chip shot on the fairway within a reasonable distance to the pin. 

14. And: Don’t look up to early! I think that’s my most important tip for chip shot golf.

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