Did you know that the average golfer hits about a 210 yard drive? Semi pros will drive about 270 to 300 yards and the really big guys can hit a 310 yard drive easily. That’s pretty impressive, but you might like to know it’s been proven that ameture’s can improve their drives as much as 50 yards or more with proper golf fitness and proper swing techniques. And do this in just a few weeks!

Watching a video golf swing is the best and least expensive ways to improve the performance of your golf game. Before we get to that, let’s review some standard pointers as follows: the proper golf swing on a drive is to break at the knees and allow the mass of your body to propel the club head in a smooth arc. The mass of your torso can place a lot more torque in the swing and more control than just by swinging your arms. Your club also has a wider arc using this method.

Although we are all constructed differently, there are basic rules that apply. However, not all techniques will work for you, and that is the challenge we all face in consistent drives. The key to longer drives and better control is consistency and this means on and off the course. You need to spend more time on the driving range and more time at the gym to work on the specific muscles that effect your swing if you want longer drives and better control.

As we have learned, fundamentals are to stand with your feet about as far apart as your shoulders and knees slightly bent . The club face position should be placed with respect to the ball and target. After the down swing don’t forget the follow through. Also, you may want to add a little “Kentucky windage” if there is a good wind blowing and adjust accordingly. There are two ways to adjust to wind. One is to adjust your stance and the other is to roll the club face in or out depending upon the direction of the wind. Most would argue changing your stance will reduce the chance of a slice.

Adjusting for wind is always a practiced measure as tree lines, wind flow, and terrain all conspire to effect the flight of the ball in an evil attempt to get you into the rough. In a high wind you may want to try a flatter trajectory. A flatter shot can be made by striking the ball a fraction higher on the ball, thus not allowing as much lift which can also effect range.

A lot of us start out by using our arms mostly, particularly when we are younger trying hit the ball as hard as we can. But, as we get older we learn the proper technique and then we allow ourselves to lose proper fitness. This effects our swing as well. Learning and using the proper method may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But, after some time, with a little guidance, and some practice at the driving range, you too can get your long game down.

Golf is a constant learning experience with new courses, clubs, and equipment. If you are a beginner or know one, or if you just want to improve your game, we are assembling more information and funny informative golf swing videos at http://www.squidoo.com/golfswingvideos

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