A typical golf cart is available in two or four seats or may have a rack on the rear for hauling. For transporting more than two people, an additional seat may be added. The items for doing this can be obtained from a home improvement store.

The front seat dimensions should be measured and marked on a piece of plywood. Safety glasses must be used and it will be better to use circular saw for cutting.

Cut a piece of vinyl using scissors with excess of three inches on all sides than the plywood.

Next, a piece of three-inch-thick foam is cut at the same dimension as that of the plywood. A spray adhesive is coated on the plywood and the foam is placed. The adhesive should be dried fully.

Put the vinyl with inside facing upwards on the floor. On the middle of the vinyl, put the plywood with the foam against it. Pull the vinyl and staple it tightly around the plywood one side at a time.

Measure the length from the top bar to over the rear bumper. Then add the measurement from that point down to the bumper. To wear a face shield, use a right angle grinder to cut out two two-inch-square metal pipe of that length for supporting the rear seat. Cut a two-inch-square pipe in the length between the rear roof stabilizer bars to stabilize the rear seat support bars.

At the point the seats and supports have a 90-degree angle with bumper, mark points. Use a table vice to hold the pipe and apply a slow heat to it on the mark using a propane torch to bend it at a 90-degree angle with a square. The other pipe is also done similarly.

The first angled pipe is clamped in the direction between the rear roof stabilizer bar and the rear bumper. Using 1/4-inch bit drill, bore the roof stabilizer bar and pipe. Fix the pipe on the stabilizer bar using bolts. Similarly do the same with the other one. Attach the stabilizer bar to the two rear seat support bars on the top, with a two inch gap from pipe bend using the drill.

The seat is secured on the support with two heavy-duty elastic straps.

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