You must have learned a lot of golf tips about your game, some of the golfing tips that are very easy to implement and funny to learn, which will be very useful to lower your score and boost your confidence. However, most the tips are used to improve your swing skills or grip. I believe that the how to choose a golf tee also can improve your game to some degree.

As we know, a tee is normally used for the first stroke of each hole in golf. The area from which this first stroke is hit is informally known as the teeing ground. Normally, teeing the ball is allowed only on the first shot of a hole, called the tee shot, and is illegal for any other shot; however, local or seasonal rules may allow or require teeing for other shots as well, e.g., under “winter rules” to protect the turf when it is unusually vulnerable. Teeing gives a considerable advantage for drive shots, so it is normally done whenever allowed. However, a player may elect to play his/her tee shot without a tee. This typically gives the shot a lower trajectory. A standard golf tee is 2.125″ long, but both longer and shorter tees are permitted. Ordinary tees can be made from wood or from durable plastic. There are also many biodegradable, ecological and recyclable golf tees that diminish the number trees cut down to manufacture the tees and allow golf courses to lower costs by not having to deal with the broken wooden tees on their courses.

You may nerve what tee you use when you head out for a round of golf, there are three tee off areas on any given tee for our newer players in most situation. The three tees are the front, the middle, and the back. The front tee is the one closest to the green and the back tee is the farthest from the green. The middle tee, of course, is in between those two areas. Many players especially the male players feel they have to tee off from the back tee or they have somehow lost their masculinity. That is usually a bad decision. Yes, in many tournaments that’s where you are required to tee off, but on an average day, it’s not mandatory in an average round of golf. In fact, you can do yourself a huge favor by teeing off one of the closer tees.

How to tee off one of the closer tees? In fact, it’s very easy to do so, the tip is doing that just Jack Nicklaus did. Jack began playing the front tees because wanted to lower his overall score and he reasoned that by lowering his overall score he could also boost his confidence a long time ago. He played them from one hole to the next, over and over again, and his score did indeed drop. Once he had the front tees nailed, he moved back to the middle tees and repeated the process. Again, his scores continued to improve and his confidence increased. Then it was to the back tees, and the rest is history. And as his score dropped, he became more confident in his golf game and in his own abilities. This way also can be used by you to improve your scores.

If you master a simpler task and then use that to build on toward a more difficult task you can advance much more quickly than if we simply “hold our ground” and try to duke it out. If your confidence is waning or your score seems to be going up and you can’t really put a finger on why, try to begin to play the front tees.

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